Many family law cases have an international element; you may have been living and working abroad, or have moved to England and Wales. There may be assets to be divided on divorce or separation that are overseas, or the main income for the family might be paid from abroad.

Arguments often arise over which country has jurisdiction. It is important to ensure that the case is heard in the most appropriate jurisdiction; this can be particularly important because of the difference in approach taken by other countries when deciding on issues regarding divorce and the division of finances.

Children (international relocation)

Some international disputes involve children: for example one parent may want to take a child to live overseas. We have experience of cases which have involved a number of countries including Europe, South Africa, Australia and the USA.

We can also advise in cases where children have been abducted either from this country, or to this country. By its very nature this work is urgent and often complex, particularly if a child is taken to a country which is not a signatory to the Hague Convention. Under the Hague Convention parents can apply to the court for an order for the return of a child to the country it has been abducted from, subject to certain defences. Most countries have signed up to the Convention but there are still some countries that have not done so, and in these cases the procedure is different. This is an area where specialist legal advice is extremely important.

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