When relationships come to an end, couples may not want to get divorced, or terminate their Civil Partnership. In these cases the arrangements for separation can be recorded in a legal document known as a Separation Agreement. The agreement can cover any area of separation including arrangements for the division of finances and the children.

Provided the agreement is entered into properly, and with both parties having had legal advice, it can, where there is a marriage or Civil Partnership, form the basis of an eventual financial settlement. This is an area where it is important to get expert legal advice, not only to ensure the agreement is enforceable, but also to fully understand what it can achieve; for example a Separation Agreement would not be able to split a pension.

Dealing with cases in this way may help to keep legal costs down and promote a good working relationship between the parties.

Separation Agreements are also used when co-habiting couples separate.

This is an area where we may be able to offer a fixed fee, again helping you to keep costs down.

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